Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Would Ya Put a Ring on it Already?

The amount of wishful manicures I got before getting engaged is almost too embarrassing to tell you. And of course the one weekend I decided to forgo a fresh polish out of spite, the boyfriend (now husband) decides to pop the question. This got me thinking ... why is it that so many perfectly rational, confident women fall victim to “engagement fever?” If they’re of a certain age range, in a relationship for X amount of time, and/or have watched the rest of their friends drop like flies from their single status, the pressure mounts. And before they know what hit them, they're making threats, giving ultimatums, and ranting about cows and not getting the milk for free anymore (which is confusing and rarely effective).

So what causes our marriage sensors to start flaring out of control? I talked to the fabulous Dr. Ellen Casper to get the scoop on why us girls go off the deep end when we want him to put a ring on it already...

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