Sunday, August 19, 2012

Purse Organization 101

Oversized purses make a big style statement. But they can also make finding what you’re looking for a huge pain. So how can you minimize the clutter and make the most of that fab bag?

Tip 1: Start Off With a Clean Slate

Plop down and dump out the contents of your purse. In the debris of receipts, loose change, and to-do lists that somehow transformed themselves into intricate origami birds, you’ll be reunited with your favorite lip gloss and perhaps some crumpled cash. Then, make a trash pile and toss coins in your wallet. Determine what to keep in your purse and figure out another place to put the non-essentials.

Tip 2: Designate Pocket Space

There’s nothing worse than digging around for your keys or cell when you desperately need them. Start using those 12 different little compartments in a productive way. And please, put the gum somewhere that it can’t get loose! How many times have you peeled melted gum off of your phone? Gross.

Tip 3: Rubber Band It

So, the 14 ponytail holders you found when you dumped out your purse? Put ‘em to work as a tie for loose pens. Keeping your pens fastened up prevents them from going rogue and ruining the lovely lining of your bag.

Tip 4: Store It

From dental floss to lip gloss, hand sanitizer to hand lotion, there are lots of little on-the-go-essentials us gals can’t live without. So, whether you want to invest in fancy cosmetic cases or use a plain old Ziploc bag, just use something to keep beauty and miscellaneous products organized and prevent leaks. This way, if you do switch bags often, it’s simple to transfer items from one to another. Clear or mesh mini-bags make it easier to spot your goods.

In the market for some super cute cases? Check out these Metallic Micro Mesh Cases from The Container Store. They’re only $6.99 each! Or how about this tribal print double zip clutch from Sonia Kashuk?
 If you’re looking to splurge, snatch up this funky, patterned style from Kate Spade.

Tip 5: Color Code It 

You’re much too young to be carrying around a flashlight to read restaurant menus. (But wouldn’t that come in handy when you’re searching around in your dark, cavernous tote?) Instead of resorting to a headlamp to find the cash to pay for your morning coffee, buy a wallet that’s a bright color, rather than basic black. You’ll never have a hard time spotting it if it’s hot pink or bright yellow. You can even color code your little purse pouches!

Tip 6: Clean It
Not to gross you out … but according to Everyday Health, our purses harbor some pretty nasty bacteria, both outside and inside. That’s not surprising when you think about all the places your beloved bag travels: floors, counters, office bathrooms, and public transportation just to name a few. Experts recommend wiping everything down regularly (even your phone) with a cloth or moist disposable towelette. Keep tissues and other items that come in direct contact with your body in their own tightly sealed containers or bags. Anyone else feel like bathing in hand sanitizer right about now?

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