Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Futuristic Beauty Buys

I love writing for because getting the scoop on fabulous beauty essentials is considered "work". One of my recent article features revolutionary products ... like airbrush makeup systems (just in case you need to go on HD TV) , lip plumpers, and foam shampoo so you can skip a few hair washes here and there. Sign me up!

Click here to check it out! 

What are your must-have beauty essentials?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bottoms Up Bride

Every bride reaches her tipping point during the wedding planning process ... her "bridezilla" moment, if you will. Most of the time it involves screaming at your mother about something she has nothing to do with, or asking immediate family members not to eat at the reception because costs have skyrocketed. But usually even the craziest bride comes to her senses before making a total a** of herself.

But not this lady. She decided it was a good idea to moon the associates in a bridal store because she wasn't pleased with the service.

First of all, Jean (the bottom-flashing bride) is 46 years old. Isn't she mature enough to realize that mooning a store employee will not encourage her to help you find a veil?

Second of all, my husband sent me this article. I know that's unrelated to this woman's issues, but seriously, where does he find this stuff?

Oh, Jean. Pull your pants up, get a grip and go make a seating chart.

What were your lowest moments during wedding planning? 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Great Weekend Getaways

Searching for some R and R that won't break the bank?

You don't have to go to Napa for wine tasting and gorgeous scenery. Do your research and find an area close by (or easy enough to get to by car) that's known for its grape growing. You can spend a glorious afternoon tasting vino and picnicking outside. Make it an overnight excursion by checking into a charming, affordable bed and breakfast.

If you live in the New York area, head to the sprawling, award-winning vineyards of Long Island's North Fork region. If you live near Washington DC, drive just 45 minutes outside to picturesque Leesburg, Virginia and its surrounding wineries. (The Norris House Inn is a fabulous little B&B that offers a wine tasting tour/overnight stay package.) Cleveland peeps - in the Midwest, wineries are popping up everywhere!

From "staycations" to ski trips, check out my article on for more great escapes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Diet, Take 2

This month I've gone to the gym a whopping 3 times. I've thought about it a lot, even toyed with the idea of waking up super early before work to go. But my mornings end up gym-free ... a blur of hitting snooze and emotional Today Show segments about high school bullies. I've completely lost my motivation.

The gorgeous spring weather isn't helping. While annoyingly sporty people go for neighborhood jogs or to Yoga after a long day at the office, I'd much rather go to a Happy Hour with outdoor seating. (The elliptical in solitude or wine with the girls? Uh, that's a no-brainer.)

But, with spring, comes summer. And with summer comes all those clothes that show skin you're not quite ready to bare. Self tanner can only do so much. So, it's time to bring back The Wedding Diet. Women are so dedicated to squats and bicep curls when there's an expensive dress to be worn and a professional photographer snapping away. So what if I already said 'I do'? It's time to get back to business. (Click here for an article I wrote for Shape Bride -- real brides dish about their pre-wedding weight loss secrets!)

Carbs? Who needs 'em? (I kinda do, actually.) Whatever. I will become that girl who skips off to Yoga class no matter how tired I am after work. I will do crunches even if I'd rather be on the couch watching Law & Order: SVU. I won't duck behind a treadmill when my old trainer walks by out of shame (she totally knows I've become a slacker). And sometimes (sometimes) I'll "just say no" to cheese.

But not tonight. My husband is on his way home with a pizza. I guess I'll start tomorrow.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hot Steppin'

What's not to love about shoe shopping? (Aside from falling in love with a pair that costs as much as your weekly paycheck ... or only being able to locate the left foot of a to-die-for heel on the sale rack at Saks.)

Even on a "fat day" in the most unflattering department store lighting, shoes are a sure thing.  Who cares if the jeans you just tried on make you look like a beached whale? Leaving the mall with a fabulous pair of wedges you didn't really need will turn that frown upside down faster than you can say Weight Watchers.

This spring sexy cutout stilettos, gladiator-inspired caged sandals, and strappy espadrilles will add a skip to your step all season long.

Click here for must-have styles from my WEtv photo gallery.

What's on your spring shoe shopping list? 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finishing Touches

Today I'm working on a photo gallery for about home organization essentials. I've come across some great items (how fun is this chalkboard?) and am very inspired to give my home an organizational overhaul. Anything to get rid of that enormous mail pile...

But in my search, I've also stumbled upon some great design and decor ideas, one in particular that I thought I'd share.

To add some color and character to dressers and doors, simply replace the knobs. Anthropologie has an incredible selection of stylish hardware to spice up entryways, closets and furniture. From ceramic flowers to hand-painted glass (like the style in this pic), there's something for every design diva. Prices run from around $6-$12 per knob.

Just be considerate of your roomie. Your husband may not be too stoked if his dresser is suddenly covered in shimmery pink rose-shaped knobs.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Am I Messing with Fate?

Yesterday I took the train from DC to New Jersey for work. I was sitting next to a very nice man and we got to chatting about New York neighborhoods, his 20-something kids, their jobs, and his wife's fear of flying. And then ... I don't know what came over me, but I said, "Hey does your oldest son (who who I have never met or seen) want to be set up with one of my friends?"

First he looked a little horrified, and I felt like a total idiot for even asking. There I go again, being all "matchmaker-ish" around complete strangers. I really need to stop. But then he laughed, took out his iPhone and started scrolling through to show me a picture of his son, the music producer (oooooh!). But we were in a major time crunch. My stop was approaching. I had to gather my things! And he felt the pressure. He frantically located a picture. I caught a quick glimpse. Very good looking. His dad mentioned that he's also 6'4. Nice! My friend Samantha would totally love him. As I threw my laptop in my bag, I had a quick, yet vivid daydream about Sam and The Son meeting, falling in love, and then me giving a tear-jerking speech at their wedding.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Do you ever notice how a certain scent can flood your brain with memories? Like today, when I stopped in The Gap to pick up some t-shirts, I felt a wave of nostalgia for the 9th grade upon first whiff. The store's signature smell reminded me of when 14 year old Jess wore their perfume, Heaven. As I stood next to a rack of tanks, my mind wandered back to the halls of Beachwood High School. I thought of lockers and book covers, dances and basement parties.

It's so strange how a scent you haven't smelled in ages can take you back in an instant, like these: 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dolla Dolla Bills

My grandma Rita has let me in on a little secret. Thanks to her "savings" plan, I am going to buy a very expensive pair of Tory Burch sandals without taking money out of my paycheck or swiping my credit card. How can this be done? Read on girls...

All I have to do is put aside every dollar bill in my wallet that has the number 11 on it. I know what you're thinking. A) Where the heck is this number 11? (On the right side, there are serial numbers, so just pick your fave). B) By the time I save up enough dollar bills with the number 11 on it, it will  be 2036, and those sandals will be as outdated as Doc Martens (oh, how I used to love those...).

And why the number 11?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do You Know How to Make it in America?

I may be the last person to realize the amazingness of HBO's How to Make it in America, but I'm really glad I did. Thanks to Seth's brother bringing this show into our lives ... and more importantly Bryan Greenberg into my living room, we watched the entire season in one sitting. From the open to the credits, the Crisp denim duo had us hooked. But there was one thought that kept popping in and out of my head as I watched .... I was never that cool when I lived in New York.

My friends and I didn't have drinks with John Varvatos ... or coffee at Schillers in the middle of the work day ... or a cousin with a parole officer ... or a pot-smoking Amy Sedaris lookalike boss ... or date 35 year old hoteliers with perfectly chiseled features named Darren. However, we came across plenty of David Kaplans, that's for sure.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Save Money, Honey

Last month I wrote an article for about simple ways to save money on your honeymoon. Since I just went on mine in December, I had a few tricks up my sleeve. Here's a little excerpt from the article (click here for more tips!).

Honeymoons are the perfect excuse to completely indulge in the royal treatment. But eating at the most expensive restaurants and getting pampered 24/7 may be a bad idea if it means living off of canned food upon returning home to make up for it. Luckily, there are simple ways to cut back without feeling like you're missing out. Pass on room service for breakfast. Instead, head to the hotel gift shop or, better yet, a local grocery store and stock up on fruit or healthy breakfast bars that you can pop in your beach bag and eat poolside. If you both forgo a room service breakfast for seven days, you'll save hundreds of dollars ... much better used at the spa!