Monday, April 5, 2010

Do You Know How to Make it in America?

I may be the last person to realize the amazingness of HBO's How to Make it in America, but I'm really glad I did. Thanks to Seth's brother bringing this show into our lives ... and more importantly Bryan Greenberg into my living room, we watched the entire season in one sitting. From the open to the credits, the Crisp denim duo had us hooked. But there was one thought that kept popping in and out of my head as I watched .... I was never that cool when I lived in New York.

My friends and I didn't have drinks with John Varvatos ... or coffee at Schillers in the middle of the work day ... or a cousin with a parole officer ... or a pot-smoking Amy Sedaris lookalike boss ... or date 35 year old hoteliers with perfectly chiseled features named Darren. However, we came across plenty of David Kaplans, that's for sure.

Rather than feel really depressed about spending so much time wearing tube tops in Murray Hill back in the day instead of wearing fedoras on the LES, I realized that Ben, Cam and crew aren't always that cool either. And that's part of the charm. Sure, they can cut the line at Avenue, but the very next day they're stuck wearing mesh hats, handing out Rasta Monsta samples in Union Square.

And that's the draw (aside from seeing Bryan G. with his shirt off). We can all identify in some way with the theme of this show. Their $1,500 pair of insanely high waisted tapered jeans is another person's writers block or really bad day at the office. Point is, we all have setbacks, depleted bank accounts and times of serious doubt. I'm not saying that you should always blow your rent on 300 vintage t-shirts, but sometimes you just have to go for it.

No need for the perfect plan ... just good friends, some good luck ... and most importantly don't let your boyfriend do hallucinogenic drugs around animals.

PS: My favorite discovery about my How to Make it in America marathon is that I interviewed Aloe Blacc (who sings the opening song) for a segment about 4 years ago when he was performing in none other than ... a denim store.

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