Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flirty and Fun Bridesmaid Dresses

Asking your friends to shell out big bucks for a shiny-satin-floor-length-disaster of a bridesmaids dress they'll never wear again is just cruel. Luckily, it's actually easier than you think to find something they'll look and feel good in on your big day. These styles are seriously cute and worthy of another wear -- wedding or not!

Anthropologie’s new wedding shop, BHLDN boasts a collection of fabulous frocks for bridesmaids, including this sweet strapless bubble dress. The structured bodice, sash-tied waist and side pockets add detail and charm. Available in grapefruit, dried lavender, grass and butterfly print.

Hello, yellow! For a bold bridal party, choose a cheery, bright color. Plus, the waistband and A-line skirt with pleated detail of this Jenny Yoo style will flatter any figure. Tip: super bright colors are better suited for a smaller group of b-maids. You don’t want to look like a bride surrounded by a huge pack of bumblebees on your big day.

Your “maids” will love this delicately draped Melissa Sweet crinkle chiffon dress. The asymmetric fabric overlays are romantic, with a fashion forward vibe.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

De-stress During Wedding Planning

All brides experience stress. It’s unavoidable when you’re juggling the demands of wedding planning and real life (you know, that little old job that pays the bills?). But if normal bouts of stress start spiraling out of control, it could impact your physical and mental well-being. So put down the pint of ice cream (your friends Ben & Jerry can’t make those centerpieces any cheaper), and read on for helpful tips and tricks to cope with pre-wedding angst.

First, it’s important to understand the source of your stress and then figure out how it can be minimized or eliminated completely. Is it the budget, your future mother-in-law, or feeling constantly overwhelmed with your to-do list? Luckily, a budget can be modified. The mother-in-law can be temporarily avoided thanks to caller ID. (This is just a short-term solution, gals. She’s here to stay, so learn to live with her.) And a to-do list can be tackled by simply asking for help. Bridesmaids aren’t there to just look pretty. Make ‘em work!

While certain issues can luckily be resolved quickly, many brides experience chronic stress. Thea Singer, author of Stress Less: The New Science That Shows Women How to Rejuvenate the Body and the Mind, says that a bad case of pre-wedding stress can impact everything from your immune system to sleep habits… even your relationships. So not only will you be more susceptible to illness and infection, but your fiancĂ© can’t escape your wedding warpath.

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