Friday, April 29, 2011

Real Weddings, Royal Disasters

This is a groomsman in my co-worker Kelly's wedding. This weekend. Uh-oh...

Even if you're as poised as Kate, last minute "issues" undoubtedly arise before or at the wedding, putting the sanest bride into a panic. No matter how perfect your planning is ... sometimes you get stuck with with capri pants.

Although The Royal Wedding went off without a hitch, I'm sure Kate had her own version of capri pants. Millions of people around the world scrutinized, analyzed, blogged, tweeted and commented on her every move. Simply making eye contact with David Beckham during the ceremony would have been enough to make her faint. Plus, she could have been seriously injured by one of her guests' hats.

Whether you're royalty, or just a commoner, all brides should throw that notion of "perfect" out the window ... or out of that horse drawn carriage. Stuff will go wrong. And like bride-to-be Kelly  - you just have to laugh about it, shake it off, and make sure that new pants are overnighted in time for the ceremony. 

Congrats Kelly!!

Click here to learn how to put together your own bridal survival kit

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Name Change: Do or Don't?

You know what was really "in" when our parents' generation got married? Brown velvet tuxedos, bridemaids dresses that doubled as living room drapes, and saying 'I do' approximately four minutes after graduating from college. Clearly things have changed. Grooms no longer look like extras from the set of Saturday Night Fever, friends don't let friends wear polyester, and people settle down with the "one" a bit later in life (after we've had ample time to weed out all the wrong "ones").

This makes that whole name-change thing a lot harder than it was for our moms. While it was practically unheard of not to take their husband's name back in the day ... now, more and more women I know (including myself - I've been married a year and a half) just haven't gotten around to it ... or don't want to. We've had a longer time to define who we are as adults, with our last names there every step of the way. Just like so many other things you let go of when you grow up, the name you had your whole life, is just plain hard say goodbye to.

When I do eventually change my name, it probably won't be as big a deal as I'm envisioning. But as a gal who has never been good with change (Umm, yes, I was that girl who would have gladly gone home with my parents the day they dropped me off at college), I know it will be sort of bittersweet.

Did you take the plunge and change your name right after you got hitched? Too lazy to go through the motions? Still debating a switch? Or is a name-change an absolute no-no? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool Ideas for Engagement Sessions

My husband and I did our engagement session at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. Upon arrival, my photographer told us to lock our belongings in his car and run screaming should a homeless man dart out of the woods while peeing. Apparently this actually happened during his last shoot there. Regardless, the gardens were beautiful (a hidden gem I had no clue about growing up in the burbs), the pictures turned out great, and I only slightly felt like the lead in a horror movie. 

Speaking of engagement sessions, I just finished up a photo gallery for featuring unique, whimsical, creative images snapped by some truly awesome wedding photographers. Gone are the days of "let's pose awkwardly and gaze into each others eyes without a hair out of place" images. Now, it's all about incorporating a location, activity, interest or experience that represents your relationship. Here's a few -- stay tuned for the gallery.

Who cares about travel delays if it means you'll meet the person you're going to marry? This couple met at the San Fran airport and did their engagement session with Blueberry Photography there too.
Blueberry Photography

I'd like to frame this in my house even though I don't know them. Is that weird? Biking the streets of NYC - love it. Click  here for more from Casey Fatchett Photography.
Casey Fatchett Photography

My Amtrak rides have never been this glamorous or martini filled. (Although I do fancy myself a tiny bottle of wine from the snack car.) This New Orleans couple took their engagement shoot on the road with a "travel through time" themed session. Click here for more from Adam Hudson Photography.
Adam Hudson Photography

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Perfect Plant

Not only are succulent plants really cute, they seem nearly impossible to kill. They store water in their leaves, stems and roots ... perfect for a flighty (but good intentioned) plant caretaker like myself. After an unfortunate situation with an orchid, I've steered clear of house plants. But, according to the nice man at Spruce, succulents just need to be misted every two weeks. If they can survive in a desert, they can surely survive in my living room. Here's to hoping. 

photo: Spruce Princeton