Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool Ideas for Engagement Sessions

My husband and I did our engagement session at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. Upon arrival, my photographer told us to lock our belongings in his car and run screaming should a homeless man dart out of the woods while peeing. Apparently this actually happened during his last shoot there. Regardless, the gardens were beautiful (a hidden gem I had no clue about growing up in the burbs), the pictures turned out great, and I only slightly felt like the lead in a horror movie. 

Speaking of engagement sessions, I just finished up a photo gallery for featuring unique, whimsical, creative images snapped by some truly awesome wedding photographers. Gone are the days of "let's pose awkwardly and gaze into each others eyes without a hair out of place" images. Now, it's all about incorporating a location, activity, interest or experience that represents your relationship. Here's a few -- stay tuned for the gallery.

Who cares about travel delays if it means you'll meet the person you're going to marry? This couple met at the San Fran airport and did their engagement session with Blueberry Photography there too.
Blueberry Photography

I'd like to frame this in my house even though I don't know them. Is that weird? Biking the streets of NYC - love it. Click  here for more from Casey Fatchett Photography.
Casey Fatchett Photography

My Amtrak rides have never been this glamorous or martini filled. (Although I do fancy myself a tiny bottle of wine from the snack car.) This New Orleans couple took their engagement shoot on the road with a "travel through time" themed session. Click here for more from Adam Hudson Photography.
Adam Hudson Photography


  1. I'm part of the couple in the third photo, on the train -- thanks for the shout-out! Adam & Allison Hudson did a phenomenal job with the photo shoot. The results were much different than the cheeseball matching-polo-shirt type of engagement photos, and my fiance and I couldn't have been happier with our shots. I love the other photos that you chose for this post, as well!

  2. Thanks Melia -- that was a really great idea for an engagement shoot. My husband and I spent a few years visiting each other on trains when we were dating, and I wish I had thought of something like that! :)

  3. This is a great idea indeed!Anyways I'm happy for both of you since the beginning of your post!lol. By the way I'm wishing you the blessings and good health stay inlove.