Friday, April 29, 2011

Real Weddings, Royal Disasters

This is a groomsman in my co-worker Kelly's wedding. This weekend. Uh-oh...

Even if you're as poised as Kate, last minute "issues" undoubtedly arise before or at the wedding, putting the sanest bride into a panic. No matter how perfect your planning is ... sometimes you get stuck with with capri pants.

Although The Royal Wedding went off without a hitch, I'm sure Kate had her own version of capri pants. Millions of people around the world scrutinized, analyzed, blogged, tweeted and commented on her every move. Simply making eye contact with David Beckham during the ceremony would have been enough to make her faint. Plus, she could have been seriously injured by one of her guests' hats.

Whether you're royalty, or just a commoner, all brides should throw that notion of "perfect" out the window ... or out of that horse drawn carriage. Stuff will go wrong. And like bride-to-be Kelly  - you just have to laugh about it, shake it off, and make sure that new pants are overnighted in time for the ceremony. 

Congrats Kelly!!

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