Thursday, April 15, 2010

Am I Messing with Fate?

Yesterday I took the train from DC to New Jersey for work. I was sitting next to a very nice man and we got to chatting about New York neighborhoods, his 20-something kids, their jobs, and his wife's fear of flying. And then ... I don't know what came over me, but I said, "Hey does your oldest son (who who I have never met or seen) want to be set up with one of my friends?"

First he looked a little horrified, and I felt like a total idiot for even asking. There I go again, being all "matchmaker-ish" around complete strangers. I really need to stop. But then he laughed, took out his iPhone and started scrolling through to show me a picture of his son, the music producer (oooooh!). But we were in a major time crunch. My stop was approaching. I had to gather my things! And he felt the pressure. He frantically located a picture. I caught a quick glimpse. Very good looking. His dad mentioned that he's also 6'4. Nice! My friend Samantha would totally love him. As I threw my laptop in my bag, I had a quick, yet vivid daydream about Sam and The Son meeting, falling in love, and then me giving a tear-jerking speech at their wedding.

The Dad, whose name I didn't even know, quickly handed me his card as I darted off the train. I yelled that my name was Jess, and I would email him.

So, here's my question ... do I? Is that the kind of thing only some sort of deranged psychopath would do? OR, am I just one email away from bringing this lovely man's son and one of my BFF's a lifetime of happiness? Maybe this was the bigger reason behind me having to schlep to New Jersey for a shoot with the Commissioner of Public Utilities and then practically getting accosted by a drunk woman eating ice out of a cooler in Newark Penn Station. 

Help. Should I just leave things status quo -- or email?

PS - Sam, probably should have cleared this with you first, would you like to be set-up?


  1. I say go for it! Sometimes fate needs a little nudge- send the email!

  2. Totally! SuperBridesmaid made a random set up two years ago, and they just got engaged!!!

  3. OF COURSE! Jess that's so forward of of you! Nice work!

  4. Life's too short...I say go for it on behalf of our Samantha!