Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bottoms Up Bride

Every bride reaches her tipping point during the wedding planning process ... her "bridezilla" moment, if you will. Most of the time it involves screaming at your mother about something she has nothing to do with, or asking immediate family members not to eat at the reception because costs have skyrocketed. But usually even the craziest bride comes to her senses before making a total a** of herself.

But not this lady. She decided it was a good idea to moon the associates in a bridal store because she wasn't pleased with the service.

First of all, Jean (the bottom-flashing bride) is 46 years old. Isn't she mature enough to realize that mooning a store employee will not encourage her to help you find a veil?

Second of all, my husband sent me this article. I know that's unrelated to this woman's issues, but seriously, where does he find this stuff?

Oh, Jean. Pull your pants up, get a grip and go make a seating chart.

What were your lowest moments during wedding planning? 

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