Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Diet, Take 2

This month I've gone to the gym a whopping 3 times. I've thought about it a lot, even toyed with the idea of waking up super early before work to go. But my mornings end up gym-free ... a blur of hitting snooze and emotional Today Show segments about high school bullies. I've completely lost my motivation.

The gorgeous spring weather isn't helping. While annoyingly sporty people go for neighborhood jogs or to Yoga after a long day at the office, I'd much rather go to a Happy Hour with outdoor seating. (The elliptical in solitude or wine with the girls? Uh, that's a no-brainer.)

But, with spring, comes summer. And with summer comes all those clothes that show skin you're not quite ready to bare. Self tanner can only do so much. So, it's time to bring back The Wedding Diet. Women are so dedicated to squats and bicep curls when there's an expensive dress to be worn and a professional photographer snapping away. So what if I already said 'I do'? It's time to get back to business. (Click here for an article I wrote for Shape Bride -- real brides dish about their pre-wedding weight loss secrets!)

Carbs? Who needs 'em? (I kinda do, actually.) Whatever. I will become that girl who skips off to Yoga class no matter how tired I am after work. I will do crunches even if I'd rather be on the couch watching Law & Order: SVU. I won't duck behind a treadmill when my old trainer walks by out of shame (she totally knows I've become a slacker). And sometimes (sometimes) I'll "just say no" to cheese.

But not tonight. My husband is on his way home with a pizza. I guess I'll start tomorrow.

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