Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring ... and Cleaning

Once in a blue moon, I get a wave of extreme motivation to clean, de-clutter and organize. This particular weekend, it was a combination of the beautiful Spring weather and the heaping piles of magazines, catalogs, menus, newspapers, and mail that inspired The Cleaning Session of 2010. Because let's be honest, just making those stacks neat and tidy (which I always do first) is only a short term solution.

While I'm not messy, I don't usually find joy in cleaning like other members of my family (my dad actually went through a phase where he would put on knee pads and hand wash the kitchen floor). So, yesterday I decided to divide and conquer. I re-organized drawers, tackled those piles, and Swiffered until I couldn't see straight. The end result ... no more "free airline companion tickets" taking over my kitchen table, and an apartment that smells like oranges, which is quite lovely.

So, here's my advice ... don't try to do everything at once. That's just asking for a small nervous breakdown. Pick a few tasks to take on, and then do something else big another day, or next weekend. And also marry someone that cleans too. My husband is an exceptional Swiffer-er. However, he's very slow on the dishwasher-unload, so we're still working on that.


  1. I might add, that my knee pads were of industrial strength; allowing me the perfect cushion, room to slide and the ability to actually stand-up straight once the job was completed. And what a shine!

    Jess' Dad

  2. hahahahah -- you sound like an infomercial.