Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Here for the Booze...

Finally, a monthly club where it’s okay to admit you’re only there for the booze. (Let’s be honest, the only reading material my alleged “book” club actually gets around to discussing is US Weekly.) If you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur, or would like to become one, a Wine Club is the ultimate evening activity.

A friend of mine in DC started a club called Vines That Bind. Every month she rounds up a crew of friends who heart vino, which is clearly not hard to find. Someone will volunteer to host the club at their house. They’re in charge of choosing a theme and providing a spread of tasty snacks to go with it (cheese plate, anyone?). Each member brings a bottle for the group to taste, corresponding with that theme. Now this is where it gets interesting. Themes can range from straightforward (region or type of wine) to a bit more creative like these:

Wine That Evokes a Memory: You’ll never forget the tool you got set up on a blind date with who kept blabbing about how he’s “really into Argentinean Malbecs”. Bring a bottle in his honor, share your tale of dating doom, and hear the stories behind the rest of the group’s selections. It’s a great way to really get to know each other.

Boxed Wine: Even though you gave up drinking Franzia straight from the box freshman year, maybe there’s a reason to give the “grown up juice box” another whirl (or maybe not).

Wines in the Media: Bring wine that is somehow connected to a song, TV show, movie or play. UB40 fan? Give a toast with your favorite “red, red wine” (that makes you feel so fine).

Wine snobs need not apply! It’s okay to use words like bouquet, nose, varietals and tannins. Just don’t act like an a-hole when you say them. The point of the club is to learn from each other, increase your knowledge of wine, and meet new people. It’s okay if you can’t smell honey when everyone else says they do, or thought Chenin Blanc was some kind of French dog breed. With each club meeting, you’ll get closer to sommelier status. Well, maybe not that close, but you’ll at least understand why you’re ordering a Pinot Noir or what to serve with seafood. Booya!

After you’ve guzzled down samples of 15 different bottles and made it through the following day’s hangover, the host can send an email recap to the group so you’ll have info on the ones you loved and can avoid purchasing the one that tasted like shoe leather.

I'm also part of a Non-Book Club Book Club, which I'll delve into another time. Would you start a wine club?

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  1. Enjoyed the educational aspect of becoming a wine maven, but you should also think about a career as a stand-up comedienne.