Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Pressure to be Productive

Finally, two glorious days where your boss can’t bark orders at you (at least in person), and there’s no threat of a co-worker with poor judgment microwaving fish for lunch in the office kitchen.

But with those leisurely weekend mornings drinking coffee in your PJs, comes the pressure to tackle your at-home to do list, go to the gym, spiffy up the place, run errands, and finally deal with that enormous pile of mail that you’ve ignored for weeks. You know you should be ... productive (ugh).

Personally, I’m avoiding my mail pile like the plague and just spent the last 2 hours watching Marley & Me. Once I’m done crying, I’ll consider going to The Post Office to mail a baby gift that’s been sitting in my living room for a month.

If you’re feeling especially unmotivated today, remember that your weekend “chores” (as my grandma Rita likes to call them) can be rewarded with a cupcake later. If you’re saving your calories for all the cocktails you’re going to have tonight, treat yourself to something else like a manicure, a movie, or coffee with your friends. Self-bribery … works like a charm.

Or you can sleep till 2, watch all three Bring it On movies, and not leave the house until your dinner plans tonight. Whatever floats your boat.

Happy weekend!

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