Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At Work Beauty Crises Averted!

We've all had those "O-M-G I can't believe this is happening to me at the office!" moments. From coffee stains to stocking snafus, the key is to be well-equipped with an emergency kit to combat any fashion or beauty crisis with a quick fix. I can’t help you avoid walking around with spinach in your teeth, but I can certainly help you be prepared to get it out…

Click here for my full article on, and read on for a few go-tos.

Safety Pins and Double Sided Tape
Who has time for sewing? If you noticed a busted button on your shirt or pants (big lunch?), a safety pin and/or double sided tape will do the trick.

Roll on Perfume
Sometimes an extra dab of perfume is necessary, especially on your way out for after-work cocktails. A roll-on version of your favorite scent is easy to tote around and won't overwhelm your cube-mates the way an "over-spritz" does.

Baby Powder
Especially in the summer, the inside of those ballet flats can get a little … sticky. Freshen up and keep your feet comfy with a dash of baby powder.

Black Stockings
Keep a pair of black stockings on hand in case a little run goes a long way. That disheveled look may work for Ms. Lohan, but it's not office appropriate. Clear nail polish can seal up a tiny snag.

A Blazer
A black blazer adds a professional touch when you have an unexpected important meeting and it will match practically anything you're wearing. Keep an extra on the back of your chair just in case!

While these products can't veer your boss off his daily warpath, an emergency kit will certainly keep other scary occurrences to a minimum.

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