Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best of 2011

In case you missed 'em, below are the most read Savvy Mrs. blog posts to grace the Interwebs in 2011. (And yes, the stats show people other than my mom are reading this - thank you!)

Apparently you guys like posts about Kim Kardashian and my husband. (Individual posts. They’ve never met. At least to my knowledge.)

Holiday Sparkle:
Here is a real crowd-pleaser about the time my husband got glitter all over his face at my company holiday party. Très amusant. That's French for very amusing/hilarious/mortifying.

I Do Until the Cameras Stop Rolling:

This one covers Kim Kardashian's divorce and important life lessons from her 72-day publicity stunt marriage.

Ode to Tim Riggins:
I am not alone in my love for the best show ever, Friday Night Lights and hottest character ever, Tim Riggins. (Texas Forever. Sigh.) Click here to enjoy a non-creepy tribute. Although his hair could probably use a wash, here he is to the left being gorgeous.

Best Round Brush:
When people Google “best round brush”, my blog tops the search results, right under an InStyle article (!!!). Ah-mah-zing.  I hope this special brush has helped you all achieve glorious, frizz-free tresses.

AND rounding out the roundup:

·      Cool Ideas for Engagement Pictures (I adore these couples!)

·      An analysis of the Forever Lazy Adult Onesie (Long-term effects from wearing this still unknown...)

·      Facebook Breakup Etiquette (I hope you never have to use this advice. But in case, get tips for keeping your profile a Crazy-free Zone.)

Thank you all SO very much for reading The Savvy Mrs., commenting, allowing me to write several times about pumpkin cookies without a backlash, and becoming fans on Facebook!

Happy holidays! XOXO

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