Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Tim Riggins Fan Club

I haven't had time for blogging in awhile, mainly because my evenings at home have been consumed with watching Friday Night Lights a.k.a. The Best Show Ever. I'm sure many of you have been watching for years, but I'm new to the party. Thanks to Netflix, Dillon, TX feels like my home away from home these days. And Tim Riggins is like the boyfriend I never had ... with a serious drinking/crying problem ... who my parents would hate. Don't worry, my husband is concerned fully aware about my new crush. And I'm definitely not alone. One of my friends, who shall remain nameless, proclaimed she would take a bullet for Tim. Another friend said she would move just so she could put a trailer in her yard for him. (You have to watch season four to understand this reference.)

But let's get real gals ... the cast of this show, Riggins specifically, will remind you of the days when you bought Tiger Beat so you could hang up pictures of Dylan McKay all over your bedroom door. Except now you're old enough to buy anti-wrinkle cream. Whatever...


  1. I WOULD take a bullet for him. I don't have to remain nameless.

  2. You'd be taking a bullet for him in my backyard, where he will live.

  3. OK OK - I know I'm super late, but I've been addicted to the show over the last week! I love it!

    But believe it or not...I'm not a fan of Tim! I feel like he unfortunately reminds me of too many of my ex-boyfriends. I'm definitely more of a Matt Seracen kind of a girl ;)