Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Beast is Back...

A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided to throw a theme party ... but without the pressure to dress in costume. After a little bit of brainstorming, we came up with an idea that I really think has the potential to sweep the masses ... a high school drink happy hour. Come on  - you know if it was socially acceptable to sip a hot pink wine cooler or swig a 40 out of a brown paper bag (it's very efficient!), you would.

Preparing for this party was interesting to say the least. We strolled into several liquor stores asking for Mad Dog 20/20 and perhaps a nice chilled Strawberry Hill Boone's. The responses varied from horror, to laughter, to a very frank, "Only homeless people drink that S*%!". Apparently malt liquor is so 1998. Therefore, our high school drink party had to go on without a few important, life defining beverages. 

From Franzia to cases of Milwaukee's Beast - err - Best, our guests arrived armed with booze fit for a party at someone's parents house. People got "iced" left and right, jell-o shots were passed, a 90s mix was blasting, flip cup lasted until 2am .... and no one got grounded.  

Our friend Ben Mundel (hi Mundel!) brought the most delicious sweet tea flavored vodka and lemonade combo. Definitely a bit too upscale for high school, but a real crowd pleaser nonetheless.

The only thing to note if you do plan one of these shindigs --  although people think it's funny to see Mike's Hard Lemonade, no one actually wants to drink it. I am reminded of that every morning when I open the fridge...

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