Sunday, September 19, 2010

Facebook Faux Pas

Two years ago, I wrote an article about the reasons we're all obsessed with Facebook. I guarantee many of those reasons still ring true today (like ease of keeping tabs on old crushes, seeing the latest pics of friend's babies/weddings, and living vicariously through other people's vacations to Greece). However, some Facebookers make me never want to log onto the site again.

These are the "friends" that give away season finales of TV shows via status update. This is not something to LMAO, or even LOL about.

Here's what happens: You're happily scrolling through your Newsfeed, scoping out some new mobile uploads, "liking" posts here and there... and then - bam! With no warning, you read a status update that ruins months of investment in a TV series.

This just happened to me. (I promise I will not ruin anything, so keep reading). I've spent the last two months watching the The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. I DVRed the season finale and planned to watch sometime this week. Would the Nom Nom truck continue to dominate the competition? Or would the underdog, Grill 'Em All swoop in and win the big cash prize? Well, now, I don't have to watch to find out. Someone posted it on Facebook. Really dude? Who watches TV in real time... aside from my grandma?

When you sign up for a Facebook account, there are a few DON'Ts you should adhere to:

1) Don't write status updates about how often you go to the gym. (If I have to read about one more sit-up, I'm going to vom.)
2) Don't tag pictures of people when they have a double chin. Not nice.
3) Don't post a status update that you're out of town unless you want to get robbed.
4) Don't play Farmville.
5) Don't post random videos of puppies set to music (MOM...). 
6) And DON'T give away the end of season finales or show episodes.Unless it's Keeping up with the Kardashians. Those always end with the whole family telling Kourtney to leave Scott, no matter what.

What are the worst Facebook offenses you've seen? Fill me in...


  1. updates on baby's every move 24/ pic as the profile pic...contents of diaper. honestly, no one cares except maybe mom and grandma.

  2. It's like my mind talks to you and you write/format it.

  3. My cousin recently wrote as her status update regarding a TV series I really like but plan to watch via Netflix, "OMG! (so-and-so) did NOT just die!"

    I commented, "You did NOT just write that!"

  4. Nice! Send her this post for a little tutorial :)