Monday, October 4, 2010

Think Pink

From wedding bouquet trends to nicknames women secretly call their exes (who can forget "the lawn gnome") ... one of my favorite things about writing is that I'm always learning something new. This month, I wrote a series of articles for's breast cancer awareness section. Not to sound all preach-y, but if you're a woman, or know a woman (therefore this means everyone), these articles are a must-read/share:

Know Your Risk Factors: 
From gender to genetics -- even how much you drink (sure makes you rethink those happy hours) -- can impact your risk of getting breast cancer. I had the privilege of speaking to Dr. Julia Smith, the Director of the NYU Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention Program who shared some really interesting facts and advice. You know when you wish you could somehow hug someone over the phone that you haven't even met? This is how I feel about Dr. Smith.

Tips to Reduce Your Risk:
Aside from toning down your excessive weekend wine drinking, there are lots of things you can do to reduce your risk everyday. Dr. Smith filled me in.

Foods that Fight Cancer:
Cheri Collier, Clinical Dietitian and Certified Weight Loss Counselor for the MetroHealth Broadway Health Center in Cleveland, Ohio shares the scoop on what to eat and what to avoid

Shop for the Cure:
I will never pass up a cupcake with pink icing. Click here for more ways to swipe your credit card for a good cause. I especially love the awesome Urban Outfitter's shirt made in honor of one of their employees, Kristen Martinez, who recently lost her battle with breast cancer.

Get Involved:
From neighborhood walks to volunteer opportunities, it's really easy to pitch in and help raise money and awareness. Find out how. 

Please read and share with the women you love!

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