Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Princess Dresses

Girls of all ages are fascinated by princesses. We like to play "princess" when we're kids, and spend big bucks on princess ball gowns when we get married. My love of all things princess really kicked into high gear as a small child, when I realized I could dress my younger brother up as one. I was older, so he had to do what I said. No one could pull off a tiara and sparkly pink veil (or custom headdress - depending on my mood) better than him.

So naturally, when WEtv.com asked me to create a photo gallery of potential dresses for Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William (if he ever gets his act together and pops the question), I was super excited. Click here for the full gallery. And check out this gorgeous gown I featured from Something White -- a charming bridal boutique in Cleveland. 
And for your viewing pleasure, my little "princess' -- in his "going out" clothes. I couldn't find a princess pic. Please don't hate me Adam. xoxo

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