Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Googling Crushes

The scenario I'm about to describe is like a finding a needle in a haystack ... but it happens:

Your new love interest is not (gasp) on Facebook.

Yes, even in today's social media obsessed society, there are still some guys (few and far between) that want nothing to do with status updates, friend requests, and pictures of people's babies wearing knitted pumpkin hats.
But mystery man's detachment from the world means that you can't "casually stalk". You have no clue how many mutual friends you have, how he looks in a tux at people's weddings, or if he's one of those dudes that has 400 profile pictures of himself (dealbreaker, FYI).

Pre-first date Googling may help get you the scoop, but not likely. If he has a name like Jon Smith, you'll be searching for days. Another key piece of info, like where he went to school, is crucial to narrowing down your search. Although my Google date research days are long gone, I am up to speed on the latest crush locator techniques thanks to some friends. You can get fancy with quotes, varied spellings, key words -- really anything goes...
  • Jon Smith AND Michigan
  • "Jon Smith and Michigan"
  • John Smythe and Michigan 
  • Jon Smith AND Michigan AND lawyer (love the generic "career" add-on during times of desperation) 
However, what you find out from Googling can get you in trouble if it slips that you know something he has yet to divulge. Like his high school lacrosse record, or something else equally random that you dug up on a slow day at work.

But rest assured, I guarantee 99.9% of people we know have dabbled in Google stalking. You're not alone, or creepy. I think. Share your tactics in the comments section ... if you dare!

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