Friday, October 22, 2010

Pets with Stuffed Animals: Creepy or Cute?

This photo gallery featuring people's pets with stuffed animals sounds great in theory ... until you open the link. 

1) What IS the creature in picture 17? A baby deer? A gremlin? It's sending chills through my spine. I haven't been this frightened since my fear-of-alien-abduction phase in 2nd grade.

2) Why do so many people have rodents as pets?

3) And why do they let them roam free ? "Oh, honey the guinea pig's in the cookie jar again. Spartacus, get out of there!"

4) The overweight hamster in photo 12 is definitely up to no good...

5) Rats have fingers? Whaaaaaat? And what kind of lunatic tucks them into a bed? That's only cute if the rat is a cartoon in a Disney movie with a squeaky voice and tiny shoes.

Anyhoo, there are a few cute ones like this little guy. Enjoy!

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