Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Date Dilemma

One of my friends has a huge, pressing dilemma. A guy she's casually dating keeps asking her to hang out during the day. Don't get me wrong, a glorious afternoon sipping bloody marys or BBQing is great ... but wining and dining shouldn't go completely out the window. (Does he turn into a pumpkin after 6pm?) Even though they're both in grad school and the semester just wrapped, mid-morning weekday scooter rides and CVS toiletry runs should not take the place of the romantic after-dusk dinner/drinks combo. Once you accompany someone to buy deodorant, there's no going back.

Is he slowly moving into "the friend zone?"

Is he just looking for a Price is Right viewing partner?

Is he strapped for cash? (coffee and a muffin does make for a cheap date.)

She should just tell him she's really addicted to soap operas and can't leave the house between 11 and 4 (5 if she's into Oprah).


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