Thursday, June 3, 2010

Start-up Success Story

Starting your own business sounds like a dream come true. No boss, no dress code, no 50 person shared fridge packed with "salads" from last February. But in reality, running a successful company is a stressful 24/7 job. Your brand is your baby. It needs constant attention to grow. And you can't just throw in the towel when times get tough.

I learned this firsthand thanks to a cool work opportunity that came my way. Within my first couple weeks at Ogilvy, I joined the Digital Influence team responsible for creating a first of its kind social media program to generate awareness for Marriott's new Tots Travel Too program.

So, what does this have to do with small businesses? A lot...

Off I flew to LA to film a web reality series about two women entrepreneurs, Amy Feldman and Allison Costa, best friends and inventors of COVERPLAY, an adorable slip cover for playards. Marriott heard about their product, and ordered a huge shipment as part of their Tots Travel Too program that helps make travel simple for families with babies and toddlers. So after years of hard work, and tons of ups and downs ... the opportunity of a lifetime arrived. Amy and Allison's "baby" hit the big time. And now we're sharing their story online, with the help of top women bloggers  -- in a series called "New Arrivals". We're also premiering the videos at 5 networking events in LA and NYC, with Ladies Who Launch.

This is the first of five webisodes that cover launching the company to awaiting their biggest shipment ever.  I loved filming this and getting to know such fun, smart, dynamic women. And I know you'll love watching their story. So keep checking the blog for the next episodes!

If you could start your own biz, what would you do?


  1. Jess! This looks amazing-- good job! xo

  2. Love it! Jess, you are a rockstar!

  3. Jess Ann - absolutely "covered" the storyline perfectly!