Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food Blog Favorites

Thanks to Pinterest, I'm always starving. Anyone else? Since joining, I've learned I need a crockpot, a lifetime supply of marshmallows and serious self-control. Just looking at the drool-worthy recipes my friends have pinned actually makes me feel like I've gained 10 pounds. Between the s'more cups and hash-brown-egg-bacon breakfast cups, all I want to do is whip up a batch of, well, everything. So, I thought I'd share the love. Here are some great food blogs I've pinned and pined over on Pinterest (say that three times fast.)

These beyond delicious looking s'more cups are from Texas Cottage, a super cute blog that covers everything from cooking to crafting.

I'm really loving Skinnytaste for healthier recipes. I just bought the ingredients to make these Asian Turkey Meatballs one night this week. If you're doing Weight Watchers, all recipes list point values.

Okay, back to the desserts... Rolo Cake Mix Bars? OMFG. For more recipes that will make you thankful for pants with elastic waistbands, check out Cookies and Cups.

I've always loved stove top mac and cheese. Here's a healthy, easy way to ditch that fluorescent powder mix and make it with American cheese and fat free Greek yogurt. Thanks, Confections of a Foodie Bride!

What food blogs do you love? Share the recipes you're planning to try out!

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