Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are You a Nag?

Are you a nag? Of course not! Me neither. We are a dream to be in a relationship with.

Okay, fine. Maybe we gently remind our significant others to do things. Sometimes more than once. It's not like we're slipping post-it notes in between the ham and cheese of his sandwich like this lady. Whether it's via lunch bag or in person, there are lots of reasons behind those eye-roll inducing, annoying reminders both women and men are guilty of spewing.

In an article from The Wall Street Journal, Scott Wetzler, a psychologist and vice chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Montefiore Medical Center in New York says, "We have a perception that we won't get what we want from the other person, so we feel we need to keep asking in order to get it."

Asking your husband to unload the dishwasher is no biggie. In fact, it's required. But some experts say constant badgering is toxic to a marriage. Why? Because the cycle of nagging can lead to resentment, annoyance, frustration, and fights about fights.

I only nag in extreme situations ... like when my husband left six boxes of papers from his old job in our kitchen for months. I asked him on a daily basis to get rid of them, to no avail. So, anytime he nagged me about doing something (like putting away the four pairs of boots I left in the living room), I'd say, "I will when those boxes are gone." Oh, snap.

What I learned is that it's all about compromise. Today, our kitchen doesn't look like an episode of Hoarders, and I maturely deal with my shoe pile.*

*my husband said, "FALSE!" And then pointed to my shoe pile. 

Are you guilty of nagging? Leave a comment!

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