Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Becoming Facebook Friends with the Guy You're Dating

One of my friends just started dating a new guy. She thinks he's cute, funny, charming and also really enjoys his arm muscles. He calls when he says he will and plans fun dates. As far as new dudes go ... the whole scenario has been pretty close to perfection.

Until she became friends with him on Facebook.

After a few weeks of getting frustrated that his privacy settings didn't allow her to properly stalk, she sent him a friend request. And he accepted (which by today's standards means they're practically married).

Like a kid in a candy store, she excitedly viewed his profile for the first time, but was hit with a sinking feeling. His online persona did not match the real one she had grown accustomed to. Questions swirled around in her mind:
  • Why does he take so many pictures of himself in the mirror with his phone?!
  • Why does he post soooo many status updates?
  • Pleated khakis? Really? His date attire never showed signs of something like this! What's next, a silk shirt?
The only silver lining: there were a few pictures of the arm muscles.

She said to me, disheartened, over g-chat, "Ignorance is bliss, Jess."

I told her to just focus on the good times ... and stop looking at his mobile uploads. In the grand scheme of things, she should just be thankful his hair does not look like this:

Is a bad Facebook profile a dating dealbreaker?

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  1. I love it so much! I can relate it because I've experienced it too. Well, in my situation the guy added me first and that is a very shocking scenario but it really happened and I'm very very happy with that. I really like the guy and thanks to God I have him now and I do hope he will be with me forever!