Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Savvy Style: Holiday Sparkle Under $100

Thanksgiving is right around the corner ... and you know what that means:
  • All I Want for Christmas will now be playing everywhere you go, all the time, even in your head when it's not actually playing.
  • A super shy co-worker will get wasted and either ride a mechanical bull or make out with their cube mate at your office holiday party.
  • It's officially shopping season for cute, sparkly attire to wear to said holiday party (and the many other social occasions that will soon pack your calendar). 
So, where to begin? Accessories! Simply adding a fabulous belt or shimmery pair of earrings will add that extra something to a basic black dress. The belt's from Banana Republic and the earrings are from shopbop -- on sale too!

Click here for my WEtv.com photo gallery -- 10 style essentials to get you through holiday party hopping season, all for $100 or less. 

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