Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is Bristol Palin That Bad?

After a particularly cringe-worthy performance by Florence Henderson early on this season, I stopped watching Dancing with the Stars regularly. But since I don't live under a rock, I've heard that Bristol Palin has paso dobled her way into the finals with a little help from The Tea Party.

And to make the "conspiracy" around her even crazier, just this morning I saw on the news that a man in Wisconsin shot his TV during her performance

Ok, what is going on here? 

Aside from the fact that this dude needs anger management courses and a new TV ...  the spawn of Sarah Palin in sequins shouldn't make someone resort to armed weapons. I feel bad for his wife. Sounds like she'll be missing the finals.

No matter how people feel about Sarah P. -- I think we need to remember that Bristol is just an 18 year old single mom, trying to shimmy her way a trophy in the shape of a disco ball. So what if every single conservative in the country has DWTS phones ringing off the hook to keep her on? I'm sure when Sasha Obama is old enough to be on this show, she'll be topping the leader board too. (That will probably be Dancing with the Stars 400th season.)

Let's just give Bristol a break. Her mom is one of the most worshiped/hated/polarizing people in our country who probably made her fish for her own dinner as a child. And thanks to her baby, Bristol will be forever tied to a total d-bag. Let her have the freaking disco ball.

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