Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Tips to Shop Smarter

Penny pinching takes the fun out of every gal’s favorite pastime. Luckily, shopping for all the things you need, want and have to have can be budget friendly if you know how to do it right.  From the supermarket to your Saturday night wardrobe, it’s simple to shop and save. Just follow these tips. 

Be a Frugal Fashionista
A true trendsetter knows how to find the best for less. Thanks to stores like Target and H&M, you can drool over your favorite Zac Posen dress and buy it too! Click here to check out more of their designer collections. Also, sign up to receive newsletters and daily emails from your favorite shops and brands. You’ll be surprised by how many great deals pop up in your inbox, especially at the end of the season. 

Accessorize on the Cheap
And speaking of style steals … never splurge on trendy accessories.  (The headband with feathers you’re obsessed with now will definitely wind up in the “what was I thinking?” pile.) Forever 21 and Fred Flare (great sunglasses, FYI) all sell must-haves of the moment for fabulous prices.

Stay Connected
Is your wine rack in need of a little restocking? Follow your favorite local wine shops on Twitter and/or Facebook to get the inside scoop on up-to-the-minute specials, seasonal sales and tastings. This way you can go in with a game plan and walk out with a good bottle of vino that didn’t break the bank.  This tip applies to all of your favorite stores (even big national brands).  Everyone’s sharing secrets to saving in 140 characters or less.

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