Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beer Belly or Baby Belly?

Before there's "cute" pregnant, there's "fat" pregnant ... that oh-so-lovely stage in which people wonder if you've just eaten a large burrito or if you're potentially preggers. You have a hate-hate relationship with all of your pants. And you're still adjusting to the fact that all the cute summer clothes displayed in store windows don't apply to you. (Especially the shorts, sister.) So to accommodate my new "look", I decided it was time to do a little maternity shopping. 

Last weekend I hit up a few spots in the 'burbs and scored some budget-friendly things to get started. Target had slim pickings. But, I got a pair of white jeans for just $35. I picked up a few simple tees and tanks at Destination Maternity. And the best part, I stumbled upon the cutest flowy summer dress for literally $12 dollars at Marshalls. When you find a dress that's cheaper than your lunch, you just have to buy it. I can't imagine spending almost $200 on a maternity dress, but how cute is this Ella Moss style?

This is an adorable $29 alternative from Old Navy:

What are some other great bump-friendly places to shop?

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  1. You look gorgeous to your maternity dress! "Most" not all women becomes fatter when they get pregnant. It depends on how you control your appetite because I have a friend who become skinny during her pregnancy period! Anyways I really appreciate the way you share your ideas in your blog thanks for sharing this one.