Monday, May 30, 2011

A Wedding in St. John

Rob Lowe My husband and I returned today from a fab 5 days in St. John celebrating the wedding of our friends.
(What's that you say? No, I'm not ashamed to have purchased this book. Okay, maybe a little.) 

We drank lots of delicious rum drinks, explored the area from the beach chairs to the pool, and went into Cruz Bay for great dinners and sunsets like this:
One day we got adventurous and rented a boat to tour the island by beach-hopping and snorkeling. Despite my fear of sea life, I blocked the Jaws theme song from my mind and took the plunge. The most traumatizing part was getting back ON the boat while wearing flippers. Not a good look for me, or anyone. This is where we snorkeled. Pretty sweet, huh? St. John is 2/3 national parks.
Then we went to the wedding. I feel bad posting pictures of the Mr. and Mrs. without their permission, so until then, here's this one of us. We look really happy a) because it was a really fun, beautiful wedding, and b) because this was before we got eaten alive by a swarm of angry mosquitoes.
Also, just an FYI: iguanas have no regard for your personal space. They will happily fall out of a tree and land directly on your head. Much like the honey badger, they don't give a shit.
If you're thinking of going on a vacation soon, go to St. John. It's beyond beautiful and so much fun.

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