Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maids of Dishonor?

After being in my fair share of weddings, I know what it takes to be a good, obedient bridesmaid. It's simple: You wear the dress they tell you to and keep your mouth shut. Unless of course they ask you to do silly things like ride down the aisle on horseback, or wear an updo. Then you need to speak up.

In a recent article I wrote for WEtv.com, I shared 10 bridesmaid "don'ts". Click here if you'd like to read it. Or keep reading for 5 of the essential tips:

1. Don't Be a Train Wreck. Keep it classy at the wedding, girls. Swigging out of a champagne bottle while screaming the lyrics to Thriller at the bride's grandma only ends badly. Very badly.
2. Don't Be a Whiner. No one really wants to play pin the macho on the man at the bachelorette party, not even the bride. But this is what we do for friends. Okay? So take a big sip out of that extra special straw (you know what I'm talking about), put the blindfold on and stop whining.
3. Don't Roast. Nothing kills what should be a heartfelt wedding speech faster than raunchy tales of hook-ups, escapades in Cancun and bad bathroom incidents (or a horrific combination of all three). Bridesmaids that cross the line when toasting their friend, not only offend (and possibly really hurt!) the bride and groom, but cause cringe-worthy moments for the rest of the crowd as well. It’s okay to poke fun a little, but keep the toasts tasteful!
4. Don’t Make it All About You. Just because you think it’s cute to walk your newborn down the aisle in a stroller covered in white streamers, the bride most likely will not. This is her big day, and what she says goes. Brides have to make a lot of decisions, and they take them seriously. Don’t make demanding requests when it comes to your role, and then sulk if she says “No”.

And now for the cheese:
5. Don’t Forget to Have Fun
Most importantly, remember that being a bridesmaid is an honor. Your BFF wants you by her side throughout the planning, the events and especially when she says “I do.” Even if she's a raging biatch, just give her a sandwich (she's definitely starving) and try to enjoy it!

This makes me want to see Bridesmaids again. Anyone else?

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