Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Status Updates I Didn't Make

Sometimes I want to post on Facebook all day long. But that would be super annoying to anyone on my friend list. So, here's what I found today that I thought was worth sharing -- all in one place, and not clogging your newsfeed.

1. Tim Riggins should not have short hair or wear a peacoat. Strike 1 and 2. (Okay, this I did share on the FB. Had to.)

2. What would Jesus do? Probably be annoyed at the governor of Alabama.

3. Do you think the photographer said to the model, "Okay, take a bite of the salad, and act like it's telling you the funniest joke EVER."

4. Grilled cheese on wheels. Another reason I love DC. Follow these guys on Twitter.

5. Cousin It goes to the Golden Globes! I'm still kind of upset about Sandy's bangs.
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage


  1. Jess, Sandy's bangs look very much like yours from the late 80s- and we know you still blame me for them :)

  2. Jess your next blog should be a compilation of embarrassing replies mom posts on our walls