Monday, January 3, 2011

What's the Best Advice...

Hey gals ... I'm working on another article for that's going to feature real women sharing the best advice they've learned from their moms. So please (pretty please?) leave a comment below and share some words of wisdom your mama passed down to you. Or, if you have kids of your own ... what do you tell them? It can be about anything -- life, love, school, jobs, cooking, reality TV, not talking to strangers ... or strange men at bars...

My mother has been offering up amazing advice to me my whole life ... so it's hard to think of the BEST guidance she's ever given me. But I'll never forget when I studied abroad in London she advised/begged, "Please don't get drunk and eat cheeseburgers and get that mad cow disease."


  1. My aunt is my go-to lady for sage advice. She has lots of good advice, but this is a gem that I remind myself of all the time when I am frustrated with someone...

    "Don't keep a running commentary in your head of how you WISH people would act because you can't control that. Love and accept people for who they are."

  2. My mother (your grandmother)always reminded me and still does to "remember where you are" anytime I was about to live a memorable, wonderful moment. Her advice always makes me conscious of what I am about to experience and to also cherish every moment as it unfolds.