Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Best Red Carpet Commentary

During awards season, everyone and their mother is a "fashion expert." But sometimes the very best, spot-on commentary comes from the poor guy on the couch next to you, who's stuck watching three hours of red carpet festivities against his will. If your viewing partner is anything like my husband ... his comments range from asking the obvious ("When was the last time she ate?") to sheer bewilderment ("Is she wearing a bed sheet?"). He also had a real problem with Kelly Osbourne's E! coverage. "How can she be the one critiquing everyone when her hair is grey?" Anna Faris' arrival was the beginning of the end for him. All he could say in response to her dress/bangs combo was, "Oh, god." He had enough.

You'd think because he was such a good sport for the Oscars, I'd hand over the remote control last night. But The Bachelor was on ... and it was the final three! I married a real gem, folks.

And of course, Parenthood is on tonight. I hope he can handle Crosby's wedding ... and all of the crying I'll do throughout Crosby's wedding. 

I have a strange feeling after this week, there's going to be a lot of MSNBC, CSPAN and basketball in my future. 

What shows do you politely force your hubby to watch?

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  1. Housewives of New Jersey and Kourtney and Kim Take New York...I know he's secretly hooked!