Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome to Audix...

Last week, my office upgraded our phone systems. We all got new phones, were trained how to to use them, and given tip sheets to remind us of all the things we immediately forgot. The phone trainer let us in on a few secrets too, such as -- people can 100% hear you when you cover your mouthpiece with your hand and say things you shouldn't. Always mute.

Anyways, this new phone situation entails re-recording our voicemail greetings. For normal people, this is no big deal. I however (due to sitting in an open space) have still not done my recording. Because this is inevitably what happens to everyone who needs to record a voicemail greeting:

Take 1: 
"Hello." --  you sound like Lionel Richie. Delete. 

Take 2: 
"Hi.  -- Strong start. Followed by long pause due to forgetting your name and/or place of business. Delete.

Take 3: 
"Hiiiiiii. Sh*t---." -- Although no one has actually called you in at least 5 months, you *will* receive a voicemail before you have a chance to delete this.  

Take 4:
"G'day" -- You've developed an Australian accent. Delete.  

Take 5:
It's getting painful for everyone. Co-worker removes phone from your hand, pretends to be your assistant and does it for you. 

Lots of things, like voicemail and conference calls can kick social anxiety into high gear at the office. But if Lionel Richie had the courage to pose for an album dressed head to toe in denim, I can certainly find the courage to record my office voicemail during business hours.

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  1. My work voicemail is set to playback four times slower than normal so for three weeks I thought my IT guy was an alcoholic drunk on the job. He still hasn't hooked me up to the color printer on floor two...