Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Closet Clean Out: A Tale of Angst, Joy and a Denim Blazer

Weekends are meant for TV marathon-watching, running errands, mimosa brunches and farmers market shopping. But on the rare occasion you find the motivation, weekends can be productive. Case in point: my recent closet clean out. Inspired by an expert on The Today Show who proclaimed that in order to de-clutter your life, you need to get rid of 75% of your wardrobe, I decided to give it a go.

Saying goodbye is emotionally taxing, especially for sentimental clothing keepers like moi. Among other things, I uncovered a tube top (yes, really) from my first year living in New York. Tossing it into the "donate" pile was like saying goodbye to an era of life ... a blissful time when my parents still paid for my groceries and I was the proud owner of an Ikea pleather couch. 

And then of course, there are items too embarrassing to admit you ever owned. Like this denim blazer, which clearly was left in my apartment by a previous renter.

But sometimes you uncover a hidden gem. At the bottom of my PJ drawer ... was this magnificent t-shirt:

As a wee 3rd grader in Beachwood, Ohio, my acting career was born. Cast as a "Townsperson" in the community theater production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, my role entailed not speaking, while using overly-exaggerated hand gestures for no reason. (I'm toying with the idea of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Where Are They Now? blog post. There are some real success stories out there...) Regardless, this t-shirt will be a family heirloom. And it's not going anywhere. 

4 bags of clothes later -- my closet and dresser drawers are looking very spiffy and organized. Hopefully whoever gets stuck with the donated goods can pull off a "vintage" style.

What items will you always hold onto? Any tips for successful closet clean outs?

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