Sunday, December 19, 2010

Job Etiquette for Brides

Unless you work in a dark cave with no Internet or phone service, every bride-to-be becomes an expert at tackling her wedding to-do list on the sly during office hours. Thanks to the real stress of wedding planning, when your boss passes by your desk, he’ll assume that pained look on your face is because you’re hard at work on the memo you owe him (not from updating your budget spreadsheet). Scouring bridal blogs and comparing airfares to Greece for the honeymoon can easily pass for intently working on a job-related report. Plus, you know the guy that sits next to you checks sports scores all day long. What’s the difference?

While you’re convinced it’s multi-tasking at its finest, spending too much time in wedding world at the office can really hurt your career if you’re not careful.

Tip 1: Remember, you’re not getting paid to pick flowers
Taking advantage of your company’s resources for big day prep is a major no-no. If your boss knew she was paying you to obsessively Google “peony bouquets” all day, you would probably find yourself with lots of free time for researching…at home, sans benefits, office and paycheck.

Celebrity wedding planner and My Fair Wedding host, David Tutera says avoiding wedding-related tasks on the job will help your productivity and your sanity! “Taking a quick call or running an errand during lunch or on your own personal time is one thing, but everything else should be done after work or on the weekends. This differentiation will help you stay focused while you are at work, and probably give you a much needed break from planning every day anyway!”

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