Monday, July 19, 2010

Picture Perfect

Do you ever flip through your favorite catalogs and wonder if people actually live in homes that look like that? I definitely don't have 16 clear vases filled with fresh green apples on my dining room table. There's no room in my "guest" bathroom for a basket full of perfectly rolled fluffy monogrammed towels. And when I set the table for dinner, I certainly don't tuck a sprig of fresh thyme in each cloth napkin ... or use cloth napkins.

However, my friend Lauren sent me the funniest blog the other day, Catalog Living, featuring "Gary and Elaine", a fictional couple that live in all of our favorite catalogs. They're the people that would obviously have a dish of oversized moss balls chilling on their book case, and a tray of figs perfectly placed under the coffee table with a random straw hat. Because that's normal... 

Check out Catalog Living. And then buy a set of totally necessary wood fish for your living room.

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