Friday, July 9, 2010

Beat the Heat

Chances are, no matter where you live, it's pretty f-ing hot. So rather than complaining about it, I'm going to use it as an excuse to eat frozen desserts all weekend long. Check out my favorite ice-cream(ish) spots in DC.

Mr. Yogato: Without fail, I wind up with the song Mr. Roboto in my head for hours following every visit here. This tiny spot on 17th street is bursting with deliciousness and fun. (Think Pinkberry but better.) Aside from having an old school Nintendo and Boggle, they offer discounts for doing crazy things, such as:
  • Reenact the entire 47-second Michael Jackson Thriller dance for 20% off
  • Dress up like 80's tennis legend Bjorn Borg and receive 25% off. Sing "I'm Too Sexy" by RSF in his Swedish accent to bump it up to 50%.
And I discovered last night that they have a dark chocolate flavor which is a must-try. 

Dolcezza: So, great news. Gelato is half the fat of regular ice cream. Both the gelato and sorbet at Dolcezza (I go to the location on Connecticut) are deeee-lish. Try half red raspberry sorbet, half chocolate in a cup. And also ask for at least 45 samples before selecting your final flavor.

Rita's: Philly people are obsessed with Rita's water ices. There are a bunch of locations in DC. Straight up lemonade Italian Ice is my go-to choice.

Thomas Sweet: If you can brave the heat and decide to do some shopping in Georgetown, treat yourself to a blend-in at Thomas Sweet. Peppermint Patties blend really well, FYI.

Where are you heading this weekend?

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  1. Hi Jess!

    Awesome post! I remember being totally obsessed with Thomas Sweet when I lived in DC. They had this super rich "oreo" flavored frozen yogurt (although it just looked like chocolate). I used to get it with strawberries on top. OK, thanks for letting me talk about my weird ice cream obsessions!

    Love, Gayle