Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pregnancy Pampering

Pregnancy can be full of wonderful moments, but that doesn’t mean you always feel wonderful. Your back hurts, your feet ache, and you spend all day just waiting to hop into bed. When I was pregnant, I always felt like a deserved something for carrying around what felt like a watermelon that didn't let me sleep, ever. Whether it was treating myself to a little too much gelato or new makeup (because eye shadow never makes you feel fat), here are ways to ease those pesky pregnancy rites of passage and feel pampered in the process:

Indulge in a Massage: Massage is great for soothing pregnancy discomfort and boosting a mom-to-be’s mental well-being. Sip refreshing cucumber water, lounge in a fluffy robe, and then let the expert relieve sore muscles while you find your inner Zen. So take a load off and treat yourself to a prenatal massage. You deserve it, Mama!

Practice Yoga: Achieve ultimate relaxation (or let's be honest, just take a nap) in a prenatal yoga class. Especially designed for pregnant women, yoga will support your body as it grows and changes throughout your pregnancy. Aside from the physical benefits, meditation can work wonders on the wandering mind of an expectant mother. Although I was less than thrilled when I had to give a a total stranger a massage in class once, I always loved going.

Shop (But Not Till You Drop!)
So what if you feel like a beached whale? Find something to flatter your baby bump. If you’re not in the market for new maternity clothes, buy a pretty scarf or cool necklace you can enjoy now and after delivery. Treat yourself to something new that makes you feel good.

Go on a Date
When your baby arrives on the scene, you can say good-bye to dinner and a movie for awhile. Take advantage of this time now (even if you'd rather park it on the couch and watch an entire season of Downton Abbey) and have your hubby take you out on the town. Enjoy the low-key quality time together before life gets hectic.

Make Mocktails
Having to skip out on your favorite cocktails can be a real buzzkill during pregnancy. But you can still sip on something festive and delicious, sans booze. Get creative and experiment with sparkling water, fresh fruit and juices, flavored soda, even herbs and spices. Check out Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-be. Bring out the “good glasses” and toast to your little one on the way. Cheers!

Get Away
Take a “babymoon” to enjoy some quality time with your husband before baby makes three. Whether you stay local or venture out for some island time, a little pre-baby R&R outside of your normal routine is the ultimate way to pamper yourself.

Get a Makeover
Makeup doesn’t care how much weight you’ve gained during your pregnancy. From eye shadows to scented lotions, hit up your favorite cosmetics counter for a new stash of products and free makeover from a pro. You’ll need them to look camera-ready on the big day!

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