Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feds Say It's OK to Complain About Work on Facebook

Sick of crappy assignments? Convinced you could be making more money as a babysitter? Bewildered at the amount of time your boss spends on Shopbop.com? Well, now you can vent freely on Facebook without fear of getting canned.

The National Labor Relations Board says that communicating with coworkers about the workplace on Facebook is protected by law.

While it's legally allowed, any professional with half a brain would know better than to use their wall as office group therapy. Trash-talk all you want over drinks with your friends. That's why Happy Hour was invented. But blasting your work gripes on Facebook to a lengthy list of "friends" - including current co-workers - is a bad career move. From potential employers to your cubemate, you never know who's scoping out your online persona. All it takes is one tasteless status update for others to determine you're legitimately nuts.

Keep it classy.

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